Understanding Student Satisfaction

In 2019 Jon Peirce’s lab are running an exploratory study investigating some of the drivers behind student satisfaction at university. In particular we’re interested in individual differences; what makes one student happy and another student less so?

We’re currently looking for undergraduate students in their second year that are willing to fill in our survey. Sorry, if you aren’t a second year then you won’t be able to complete the survey in this iteration, although we might expand our provisions in the future.

The study will only take a few minutes to complete and will really help us trying to understand what makes some students more satisfied than others in their university experience. The work is not associated with the National Student Survey, or any political or financial agenda. It is purely a research project conducted from a psychology department. All data will be completely anonymous, of course.

Results following the study will be posted here, so do check back in a few months time.

This sounds great! I want to be involved!!