My background is in psychology, with a strong influence from maths (I started on a Joint Honours degree but switched to straight psychology after 2 years). From there I went fairly heavily into neuroscience, studying sheep face recognition, then macaque V1 and LGN.

Starting my own lab in 2003 I studied human visual perception, mostly looking at mid level vision using a wide range of techniques (psychophysics, fMRI, EEG and lots of computational modelling).

As my software got increasingly popular my time spent conducting experiments of my own got less and now those are quite rare.

Employment history

Dates    Post
2022-current    Professor (Chair of Psychology Research Methods)
     School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
2007-2021    Associate Professor (aka Senior Lecturer)
     School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
2003-2007    Assistant Professor (aka Lecturer)
     School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
2000-2003    Postdoc,
     Center for Neural Science, New York University
1996-1999    PhD Neuroscience,
     Babraham Institute, Cambridge University
1992-1996    BSc (Hons) Psychology,
     Sch. Psychology and Neuroscience, St. Andrews University

Funding (selected)

Dates    Funding
2020-2021    Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Essential Open Source Software
2018-2020    Wellcome Trust Technology Development Grant
2008-2011    Wellcome Trust Project grant
2005-2008    BBSRC Project grant